Funeral Director or Company Director?

As Oracle celebrates its 6th anniversary, Chief Executive Caroline Coskry explains why poor careers advice did her a favour.

Careers advice at my school was poor, I expect it was at most schools in those days.  Back then, if you weren’t going to be a scientist, doctor or teacher, they didn’t really want to know.  Instead, they put you in front of a computer and asked you to complete a questionnaire, this would determine what your future would hold…. apparently.  So, I did as I was told, unusually, and took the test to find out that I should have been a Funeral Director.  Never a morbid child, in fact quite the opposite, I struggled to understand as a 14-year-old why this was my supposed vocation.  Thankfully I did what I did mostly at school, ignore it and carry on.

Some 20 years later (and a few more), I am celebrating the anniversary of The Oracle Group, a company I started six years ago with the aim of doing one thing; making it a success.  I am frequently asked by others how (I) have made it a success but the answer is (I) haven’t.  Yes, I am driven and full of crazy ideas but it’s the people who drive them.  They jump on board with huge enthusiasm and determination to help drive the business forwards. As a team of 24 people, they work remarkably well together, helping each other out and if anyone is having a bad day there is always someone to suggest they go for lunch, take a break, make them a coffee or even use the office hula hoop!

The strength and capability of the team is the reason we keep growing, it is why we are regularly relied on by clients as the ‘got to’ agency in the property sector. I always say that I hire people who can do something I can’t, something which will help move the business forwards. That said, I am slightly worried that with 24 staff someone will soon find me out and then I really will be looking for a new vocation.

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By Caroline Coskry