More than just Memes – Becoming a Social Media Executive at The Oracle Group

When I applied to study Politics and International Relations at University, I had no idea what I wanted to do. With a varied, largely artsy background, I knew the thing most important for me, going into university, was to study a subject I’d enjoy and (hopefully) do well in. I chose a course I was interested in, but also a course which didn’t have a direct path to a career – essentially, it was up to me.

Making my way through university, I decided to throw myself into every aspect I could. Through a process of elimination, I became aware of what I enjoyed, and what I didn’t. And began to choose modules in my course, based on everything else I loved. Politics of the Internet, Information in Society, Political Communication… a clear pattern was emerging.

Most of our generation have an interest in social media, but I knew my interest went beyond posting daily on Instagram and tagging friends in memes. After years of being unsure of what I wanted to do, I finally had an idea of at the very least, what I enjoyed.

Which is how, in my final year of university, I found myself searching for Social Media graduate jobs. Being one of thousands, I knew the odds were against me, but in April, I received a job offer from the Oracle Group. Three months later and I’m well into my first month as a social media executive.

Digital media is one of the most dynamic areas of Public Relations. Whilst I obviously don’t work 24/7, the round the clock access to our phones and the instantaneous, public nature of social media, means there is always something to do. One of my biggest fears was joining a company where everything I’ve learnt in the last three years would be useless- I didn’t want to be the tea lady! But every day I’m applying skills learnt in my degree and from day one I was running social media accounts. The Oracle Group places confidence in all of their employees, no matter how long you’ve been here, you are a member of the team. And I have to admit, it’s a great team to be in.

By Alice Dodd