Mrs May visits consultation event in Maidenhead

Oracle was selected to deliver a series of consultation events for a joint venture between developer Countryside and their JV partners, The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

The collaboration will deliver four new much-needed schemes to Maidenhead which will eventually cover over 6.3 hectares and has the potential to deliver 1,200 homes, new shops, restaurants and offices.

In summer of 2017 Oracle started work on a series of events that will assist in the planning application as the joint venture submits each stage for planning approval. The aim of each event is to engage local residents and businesses in the schemes and allow them to have their say on the proposed plans.


To ensure that every occupant in town had the opportunity to have their voice heard at the consultation events, Oracle arranged mail shots to be delivered, house to house, to nearly 35,000 residents, inviting them to the events to meet the developer, council and architects. At each event, visitors are welcome to browse the marketing material which is delivered in the form of pop up banners. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions of the team of specialist at the event and to complete questionnaires that are used as feedback to influence the scope of work and the design for planning.

Thus far Oracle has successfully delivered three exhibitions which have been attended by over 2,000 Maidenhead residents including Prime Minister, Theresa May, the local MP for Maidenhead who gave up an hour of her precious time to come and see the plans.

The results of these exhibitions are subsequently turned into feedback documents and thereafter compiled into Statements of Community Involvement which are then used as part of the planning submission.

The work that Oracle has undertaken has already helped Countryside and The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead gain planning approval for the initial project known as York Road.

This often exciting and extremely rewarding work requires a great deal of planning, attention to detail, liaison with many stakeholder groups, working with the general public, responding to negative comments and most importantly – always done with a smile on our faces.