Oracle’s Top 5 Christmas TV Adverts

Every year the nation waits in suspense for the official release of the iconic John Lewis Christmas advert, to see what theme and beautiful tale is presented to us.

Marking the unofficial countdown to Christmas, this week John Lewis & Partners unveiled its 2018 Christmas advert featuring legend, Sir Elton John. After weeks of waiting patiently, the Oracle office tradition continued on Thursday morning, as we all huddled around to view this year’s highly anticipated ad. As well as creating a buzz for the festive period, it also sparked discussion in the office into our favourite Christmas adverts of the last decade.

Here, we have compiled our Top 5 Christmas Adverts list based on their creative concepts, marvellous marketing and of course, how much they pulled on our heart strings! So here goes…


  1. Christmas with love from Mrs Claus – M&S 2016

We love a bit of #GirlPower at Oracle and Marks & Spencer’s 2016 Christmas Ad was exactly that. It featured Mrs Claus preparing Mr Claus for his busy night of delivering presents.

However, when Mrs Claus finds a letter for her from a little boy called Jake, she travels the world to make sure that six-year-old’s wish was fulfilled – a present for his big sister – aww.

With almost 9 million YouTube views and a classic storyline with a twist, this one definitely deserved a spot on our list.  Well done M&S.



  1. Holidays are Coming – Coca-Cola 2010 (or any year for that matter)

The only word to describe Coca-Cola’s Christmas advert is iconic! Originally brought onto our screens in 1995, the red lit-up Christmas truck is now a regular Christmas symbol on out TV.

Regardless of the year, every advert features adults, children and even animals in awe of the large red truck.

The 2010 advert has over 3 million views on YouTube. Coca-Cola have cleverly built up an excited audience of viewers, who wait for the traditional red truck  to appear every year. This is why they are number four on our list.


  1. Monty The Penguin – John Lewis 2014

The first John Lewis advert on our list is the 2014 Monty The Penguin Advert. A beautiful story of a young boy and his toy penguin during the holiday season.

On Christmas Day, Monty is thrilled to find a brand-new Penguin sat in a present box, from the boy’s Mother. Luckily the advert’s happy ending shows the young boy sat playing with both his beloved old cuddly toy penguin and the new one together.

The song ‘Real Love’ plays to round off the adorable narrative and leaves viewers feeling warm and fuzzy inside.



  1. The Long Wait – John Lewis 2011

Selecting our favourite John Lewis adverts proved difficult but ‘The Long Wait’ advert from 2011 is one of the best.

This heart-warming story follows a little boy who is desperately longing for Christmas. He attempts a selection of ways to make time hurry up, including spinning around on a chair, staring out the window and trying to cast a spell on the clock!

We watch as the days pass and he becomes more and more impatient until Christmas Eve finally arrives. The day comes and to the viewer’s surprise, the little boy wakes, rushes past his huge pile of presents and walks into his parents’ room with gifts for them both.

The strapline “For gifts you can’t wait to give” concludes the advert, as the little boy proudly holds out his gift with a cheeky smile on his face. Definitely one of our favourite John Lewis Christmas Ads to date.



  1. Christmas is for Sharing – Sainsbury’s 2014

Finally, with a staggering 20 million views on YouTube, our Top Christmas Ad of the last decade is Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas is for Sharing advert.

A beautiful tribute to real events that happened over 100 years ago, the advert tells the true story of British soldiers in trenches on Christmas Eve during World War I. British soldier, Jim, receives a package from home with a chocolate bar inside, whilst German soldier, Otto, is holding a tin with a cracker biscuit in. On Christmas Day, rather than fighting, the soldiers all meet on no man’s land to play a friendly game of football.

The advert ends with the two key characters finding each other’s gifts in their pockets, following the match.  A tear-jerking story which truly captures the spirit of Christmas and deservedly earning the top spot on Oracle’s Top 5 Christmas Adverts.


By Ellie Keon

PR Trainee Executive