Planning the Wright Way

When an opportunity arises, getting the most out of it is the top priority for any marketing manager.

So, when Roomservice by CORT were enlisted to team up with Mark Wright and dress one of his properties, we couldn’t resist the chance to get involved. The well-known TV personality wanted to furnish one of his luxury homes in Chigwell to help sell it, and our mission was to plan a video that would promote their ‘Dress to Sell’ service.


We were tasked to create a video that captured the installation of Roomservice by CORT’s rental furniture and ensure viewers would get a real sense of the care and attention to detail that is taken when installing furniture and all the trimmings to showcase a home. The small things like laying down floor protection, ironing bedding, putting up picture frames and fluffing the cushions were caught on film to create a video that was less than two minutes long. Hours of video footage and some static photography were taken throughout the install process which can now be used across all marketing material such as brochures, leaflets, blogs, social media content and their website.

Over the coming weeks, the next phase of work starts as we promote the video through social media to maximise engagement. The finished product is already available to view on their website and we have created a range of engaging social media posts to push out the key messages about their ‘Dress to Sell’ service. Mark Wright is due to share some photographs of the install on his Instagram stories and we’ve also distributed a press story to the media that includes a quote from Mark describing how impressed he was with the install and the finished product.