Using Social Media To Promote Your Event

With the rise of digital media, social networking sites have become the ideal platform to promote your event as they present a large target audience with little marketing costs involved. Using social media to promote your event can help attract more attendees, cultivate engagement and also maintain a social buzz long after the event has finished. If you are unsure on how to promote your event on social media, read our three top tips below:


Create a Hashtag

One way you can use social media to promote your event is by creating a hashtag and using it across your social and marketing campaigns. Using a hashtag can enhance increase reach, encourage audience participation online and even boost event attendance. The key to getting a hashtag right is to keep it short, sweet and to the point. What will attract your target audience? Once you have created your hashtag, the most important thing is to promote it – there is no value in a hashtag if no one uses it. Advertise your hashtag on the event website, in your marketing materials and press releases and across your social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to share your hashtag everywhere to spread the word.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great social platform to use when promoting your event. Create a Facebook event where you can include all the relevant information and share it across your social platforms. ‘Boosting’ the event by adding some budget to it is the ideal was to reach your ideal audience. You can target your boosted event by age, location, gender, interests, salary and family-status to help you maximise your event’s reach.

Snapchat Geo-filters

Snapchat Geofilters are graphic overlays, placed as a frame around the photos and videos taken while using the app. They Geofilters are linked to a location, so anyone in that location can use it, making them an exciting way to market your event on social media! You can enter the name of your company for a Business Geofilters and this will appear briefly next to ‘Sponsored’ when a user is previewing your filter. You can design your filter online and add text, colour and other elements to promote your event. Snapchat lets you schedule your filter anywhere from an hour or more and you can choose the mapped-out area you want your Gfilter to cover.  Ensure to promote your filter before and during the event so that the attendees know to use it. You can measure the success of your campaign via impressions and uses.

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By Emily McReynolds, Digital Marketing Manager

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