From baker to writer and social influencer, meet our newbie Adam

By Adam Beasley

I have always enjoyed writing. During my school days, I used to secretly look forward to my English lessons, and even welcomed homework where I could express myself with words. Of course – admitting educational enjoyment wasn’t the done thing as a teenager. Instead, I would often write in my spare time about a variety of things ranging from biographies about my favourite football players, to odd fiction that I look back on and shudder at with embarrassment. Still, the passion for words and the power that they wield was evident from a very young age. In fact, my occupational ambitions were whittled down to two things when I was younger: The red power ranger, then a little later – a journalist.

Failing to fulfil these desires, I somehow found myself as a baker. Instead of spreading knowledge through my love of vocabulary, I was mass producing huge amounts of breaded goods at four in the morning. Yet, the unsociable hours gave me the opportunity to combine my love of writing with my other biggest passion…films. In 2018, I started an Instagram page where I would write reviews about the movies I watched. Much to my partner’s relief, I found an outlet to share my thoughts with a community of like minded people. Honoured by a positive response, and amassing a following of over four thousand followers, my love for writing was renewed with a sense of rigorous enthusiasm. In the years that have followed, I have managed to form strong relationships with several film distributors that send me content to watch and review before being released to the public.

As my youth started to decline, I found the early starts increasingly difficult to handle. Taking a redundancy opportunity, and a delayed leap of faith, I applied for a role with The Oracle group. Armed with a cover letter expressing both my passion for the written word, and a window into my personality – I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to write for a living.

Coming out of the solitary world of early starts and lonely shifts – I have been given both a fantastic opportunity and new lease of life at The Oracle Group. While I haven’t been with the company long, I have been made to feel right at home. I am enjoying learning about worlds of public relations and the property sector, and I hope to pay back the faith shown in me with a long and successful career with the company.