Oracle Eight Years In The Making….

By Caroline Coskry

As we celebrate Oracle’s 8th birthday, CEO Caroline Coskry takes a look back at some of her most memorable moments since starting the company….

A lot can happen in eight years….although it does seem like yesterday when I was sat in a shared office with our friends at Wildheart Asset Management looking around for inspiration on where to start.  Eight years later comes with an amazing collection of memories including a letter from the former Prime Minister congratulating us on being listed as one of the top performing female run businesses in the UK, together with 5 award wins, a fantastic portfolio of clients, staff hires and even twins!  Someone once said to me that if you start in a recession and succeed, you’ll be able to face anything… I think they must have meant everything!

The property market has certainly been through a rough ride particularly surrounding the B word.  One minute agents are saying everyone’s playing it safe, the next buyers are bored of Brexit and charging ahead regardless, including investors.  Although prime London may take some time to recover, it certainly feels there is more positivity in the market, mostly pushed forwards by the success of Help To Buy.  Together with Build To Rent which gained traction so rapidly it’s created another string to the bow of many developers who are constantly exploring, adding and evolving the tenure as well as modern methods of construction to provide alternative accommodation like our clients Hugg Homes and Live-In Guardians.  Both provide a solution to the need for more affordable ways of living, Hugg Homes is a new modular housing concept designed to provide a broader housing offering to local people on lower incomes.  Live-In Guardians is a vacant property specialist providing a property guardian scheme to assist with empty rates relief and vacant property security which in turn provides short-term, affordable living to key workers, young professionals and mature / post-graduate students.  Both offerings are quite simply genius, perfectly placed to adapt as required over the coming years, responding the ever changing demands of the property market.

So what’s next? At our recent summer awards ceremony, I did quip that if the next 8 years pass just as quickly, I’ll be wondering how my children arrived at 9 years of age so soon. At Oracle, we continue to adapt, evolve and respond to our clients’ needs as required.  While PR is the main core of our business, our project work continues to expand with events, awards, social and digital strategy underpinning our client offering….every year we achieve something new whether using new skills or working on a different type of project to add to our portfolio.  So here’s to the next eight years and what the future might hold….let’s just hope Brexit is resolved by then.